Monthly Archives: July 2012 let’s talk about the All-Star Game



I’m a lover of the MLB Home Run Derby and I love the hubbub surrounding the All-Star game.  I get that the winner of the game gets home field advantage for the postseason.

I like the all-star game.  I think it is truly the only all-star game in professional sports that is run well, fun for the fans and means anything.  That being said, do you watch it?  Why or why not?

As much as I love baseball, I don’t watch it unless there is nothing else on. It just doesn’t do anything for me.

And let’s talk about the team itself:

Who got snubbed?  Who didn’t make the team that should have?  Who made it that shouldn’t have?  Who should be a starter?

I adore my Yankees, but Jeter a starter for the All-Star game?  There are certainly more well-qualified SS than Jeter..what about Elvis or Ansdrubal?  Jeter is a Yankee icon and certainly a hall of famer..and he’s having a good year, but an All-Star starter? I’m not so sure about that.  R.A. Dickey is HOT this year, but he’s not a starter?  Something is rotten in Denmark, my friends….

While I’m at it..Mike Napoli?  Come on, I have the guy on my fantasy team, but shouldn’t A.J. Pierczynski have gotten the nod instead?  Napoli is luke warm this year, AJ had a great first half.  Where’s the love?

I’d love to hear your thoughts..











A little of this, a little of that..all me


Here’s a glimpse into my world..we’ll talk about my loves and passions, quirks and habits and all things that make my life irreversibly me.

One of my passions is reading…I love to read – usually 3-4 books per week on my Nook..oh, beloved I love thee.  After several years of prodding my by kids, I finally decided that I HAD to have the Nook.  My honey bought me one for Christmas and I am hooked.  Mess with me, fine, but mess with my kids or my Nook and my Jersey will come out!

In the past week alone, I have read:


The Fey


And last night, I started to read:


A Reliable Wife

My mother was an avid reader, as well and taught me to read at a young age (word has it that I was reading at 3 years old!)…as a teenager, my first job was at The Book Trader in Rahway, NJ.  They gave credit on used books to be used toward purchases of books in the store..I loved that job!  Shelving, suggesting and working the register – it didn’t matter – I was in my heaven:  books, books and more  books!

To this day, I often wish that I could afford to work at Barnes & Noble..ahh..I dream of being surrounded by books all day and night…