Ok..so let’s talk about the All-Star Game



I’m a lover of the MLB Home Run Derby and I love the hubbub surrounding the All-Star game.  I get that the winner of the game gets home field advantage for the postseason.

I like the all-star game.  I think it is truly the only all-star game in professional sports that is run well, fun for the fans and means anything.  That being said, do you watch it?  Why or why not?

As much as I love baseball, I don’t watch it unless there is nothing else on. It just doesn’t do anything for me.

And let’s talk about the team itself:

Who got snubbed?  Who didn’t make the team that should have?  Who made it that shouldn’t have?  Who should be a starter?

I adore my Yankees, but Jeter a starter for the All-Star game?  There are certainly more well-qualified SS than Jeter..what about Elvis or Ansdrubal?  Jeter is a Yankee icon and certainly a hall of famer..and he’s having a good year, but an All-Star starter? I’m not so sure about that.  R.A. Dickey is HOT this year, but he’s not a starter?  Something is rotten in Denmark, my friends….

While I’m at it..Mike Napoli?  Come on, I have the guy on my fantasy team, but shouldn’t A.J. Pierczynski have gotten the nod instead?  Napoli is luke warm this year, AJ had a great first half.  Where’s the love?

I’d love to hear your thoughts..











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I'm a 40-something mom of two amazing almost-grown boys. Life post-divorce, pre doing the whole marriage thing again. I work for myself consulting in Human Resources and run a small manufacturing company that creates wood items and books for the art industry. I love animals (have 3 dogs and 4 cats and feed a myriad of strays on a daily basis). I love Jesus and, after being raised Catholic, was rebabtized as an adult, but we don't hang out as much as we used to (my fault). I started this blog to give me an outlet to express myself, my art, my passions and my opinions - not necessarily in that order.

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