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Coffee – My Life Would Suck Without You


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Cup of Joe

Rocket Fuel

Bean Juice

Sweet Nectar of Life

Go Juice


Liquid Energy

Whatever way you say it, I simply cannot live without the stuff. I drink it black (no cream, no sugar) and lots of it. Most days about two pots, yes, I said POTS, not cups.  I’m actually sort of coffee snob.  When you drink your coffee black and so much of it, crappy coffee just will not do.  I mail order it.   A box of whole bean goodness arrives every three weeks.

By the time each of my kids turned five, they knew how to make coffee.  They also knew that the magical stuff turned the bed-headed (is that a word? Well, it is now), Medusa-looking, foaming at the mouth, mean ogre into a loving and happy woman who would bake muffins and shit.  They still marvel at the magical beans.


Yeah, yeah, I’ve read that coffee is bad for you, but I’ve also read that coffee is good for you and since I’ve always been taught to look for the good in everyone, I choose the latter.  It isn’t just good for me, I would die without it.  (No, I’m not exaggerating even a tiny bit) Once, I tried a cleanse which included no coffee for three days. The first day I had a headache, the second day my head was spinning and green foam was coming out of my ears, the third day, well..let’s just say that I’m not allowed in several businesses in Mercer County, NJ anymore.


Maybe it’s the day after Christmas sugar buzz wearing off or perhaps the therapy is finally working, but I’ve been thinking about how coffee is an analogy for life.

The coffee beans aren’t much on their own, but when you apply pressure to them and add water amazing things can happen. Pressure or stress can pulverize you, but instead of lying broken (or ground up), you can add what you have on hand (even if it is in short supply) to create something beautiful, invigorating and delicious.

I, like most people, have a story to tell, have had devastating life events and days where I have felt beat up, run over and wanting to hide.  Instead of curling up into a ball in my blanket fort, I have decided to add hard work, creativity and inspiration and on a daily basis create something wonderful.  Sure, some days my coffee and my life choices turn out bad:   too strong, bitter, burnt, but on most days the result is something fabulous:  warming, energizing, comforting.

Last night, I created this art journal page inspired by a YouTube video and my love of coffee.   Ok, yes, I know they are tea bags, but bags of coffee just didn’t work into the design.  Today, instead of worrying about how bad things are, what bills are due, what lies ahead, just take life “one cup at a time”. Trust me, all will look just a bit brighter (unless you run out of coffee, and then, my friend, sorry, but it’s every man (or woman) for themself.

One Cup at a Time

Until next time…