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Joy….a Journey to Me


As part of my journey toward Joy, I created this canvas today.  It was in my head and itching to get out.  The girl represents me and the word “Joy” is prominent..the art is part of my healing and a big part of my journey.  I’ll hang this in the house to remind myself that 2014 is my year of Joy..I will find what brings me Joy, and work toward it while becoming the best me that I can be.



Until next time..


Seek Joy…




Art, heart and healing..lesson one


Art, heart and healing..lesson one

This one was quite emotional for me..the bonus was that, for the first time ever, I drew/painted a face..not perfect..but I’m proud of it..

Art, Heart & Healing…


Art, Heart & Healing...

I’ve been going through a rather rough time over the past few months. After signing up for Tamara LaPorte’s Life Book 2014, I came across her free workshop on healing through art. Perfect course, perfect timing. Below are some of the art projects that I have created, thus far, going through this amazing, healing course.