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Yeah, I’m a Bit of a Nerd


After taking an amazing class with Dyan Reavely in October, I couldn’t wait to practice some of my newly-learned mixed media techniques.  This girl was just itching to come out..because, yeah..I’m kind of a nerd.



There are all kinds of “nerds” out there. Dictonary.com defines “nerd” as:

nerd  [nurd]  noun Slang.

1.a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.
2.an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd.

I take issue with the first definition.  No one is stuipid, irritating, ineffectual or unattractive all of the time.  I’m certainly all of those things some of the time, but not all of the time. If being that way some of the time makes me a nerd, so be it.

The second definition hits home.  I’m a bit of a nerd.  I love to read and watch kids movies. I’m single-minded and obsessed with a non-social hobby or pursuit: Art.

I completely love Urbandictionary.coms definitions of nerd. My personal favorites are:

1. Nerd
One whose IQ exceeds his weight.
(Nope, not me)
2. nerd
An individual persecuted for his superior skills or intellect, most often by people who fear and envy him.
(Maybe me, occasionally 🙂 )
3. Nerd
An ‘individual’, i.e. a person who does not conform to society’s beliefs that all people should follow trends and do what their peers do. Often highly intelligent but socially rejected because of their obsession with a given subject, usually computers. Unfortunately, nerds seem to have problems breeding, to the detriment of mankind as a whole.
(Yep, totally me, but not the computer part and I had little issues breeding)
6. Nerd
(Or Dudette, but YES, spot ON!)

Are you a nerd? Can you quote every Star Trek or Star Wars episode or movie? Do computers make your heart pitter-patter? When you get a new pack of scrapbook paper do you have to smell it or lick it? (um, not like I have done that, really..ok..moving on :o)

Does music make you giddy?  Can you rattle off statistics on the 1994 superbowl? Do you read everything including the back of the dishwasher tablet package? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then yes, you are a nerd.  And, ya know what? That’s a GREAT thing!  You are you!  You are wonderful and unique and incredible! You have gifts that others may not appreciate, but they make YOU happy and that, my friends is all that truly matters.  

Keep on being you today.  Embrace you. Embrace what makes you YOU.

And just cuz, well, nerds rule..here are a few quotes about nerds to empower you today:

“If you like nerds, raise your hand. If you don’t, raise your standards.” 
― Violet Haberdasher

“Nerd. One whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person, without fear of other people’s judgement.” 
― Zachary Levi

“Gentleman, nerd girls are the world’s greatest under-utilized romantic resource. And guys do not tell me that nerd girls aren’t hot because that shows a Paris Hilton-esque failure to understand hotness.” 
― John Green

Until next time…